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Valentine’s Day Decorated Christmas Tree

Enjoy a Valentine’s Day decorated Christmas tree! It is so much fun to use a few seasonal items and trim your tree for the holiday of Love, Giving, and Happiness! This adorable St. Valentine’s Day pink and blue themed tree was so much fun to create, I had to share! Learn to decorate your very own heart tree!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

This post contains some affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Valentine's Day Decorated Christmast Tree

If you were to ask my husband what my favorite thing in the world is, he would obviously say, my family, and then shrug his shoulders, and say Christmas trees. I think I have around 10 trees, in all shapes and sizes.

This year, after lifting my spirits decorating the trees for the holidays, I decided just to join the Tree-Enthusiasts around the globe and decorate a tree all year round for my office!

Valentine's Day Decorated Christmast Tree

The most tough decision was choosing flocked our not? I mean, I love them both equally.

Pros for flocked: The flocked tree requires less decor, which for seasonal would save time and money. The white snowy look would also compliment my little office fireplace, which I LOVE so much.

Pros for Traditional Green Christmas Tree: I searched seasonal decorated Christmas trees and thought about what colors I could use for each holiday or event that I wanted to create. Green opened up some really warm colors for holidays, like Thanksgiving and Halloween. It also looks amazing with found items, like antique books, postcards, and other odds and ends I love.

Pink, Red, and Blue Valentines Day Tree

I went with the traditional green for the ability to use a variety of colors! I am happy with my decision, and if I change my mind, then I will just flip the tree to snow- flocked by sweet-talking my husband to the attic to retrieve my favorite slim flocked tree!

Decorating The Valentine’s Day Tree

Decorating the Valentine’s day tree was so simple! Go smart and kept a few of the ornaments from Christmas to update for Valentine’s day tree! I also used the wooden beads from my white and emerald green Christmas tree and stems of Eucalyptus.

Love the super cute checkered ribbon in my “ribbon collection” and was lucky enough to find two more spools at the Hobby Lobby! I saved one to keep in my box. I have just fallen in love with the red, pink, and light blue color combination.

Valentine's Day Decorated Christmas Tree

DIY Valentine Ornaments

I painted a couple of things and adding red lettering to some all white Christmas ornaments.

Painted Wooden Hearts

The blue in the ribbon really sparked joy, and I wanted to add blue hearts to accompany the felt pink and red hearts I found at Joann’s Fabric. So I found some wooden hearts and pretty blue color and painted them. The hearts came with pre-drilled holes and twine, so I just hung them on the tree after a good coat of the acrylic craft paint: So cute and so easy!

White and Red Valentine Ornaments

Inspired by the White Cottage Christmas Decor and her super cute tree with larger white Christmas ornaments with lettering similar to the Rae Dunn style, I made white ornaments with ornaments with simple words like Love and Joy to brighten up the tree on the CHEAP. I still have most of the words left and will use them next Christmas. I grabbed the ones that would work for Valentine’s day and also write out the Joy of Life using a mix of the Red Lettering from Amazon with a smaller package of red alphabet letters. This is my idea of fun, super quick, and easy DIY makes me happy.

Valentine's Day Decorated Christmast Tree

The remaining of the decor at Joan’s Fabric, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon were lucky founds that I I felt matched the ribbon wonderfully.

Lengths of spring greenery to give the “Christmas Tree” more varied foliage worked really well. We (my preschool granddaughter and I) added some simple decorations, like the little wooden blue flowers and the vintage Valentine ornaments, that I just LOVE.

Pink, Red, and Blue Valentines Day Tree

I added found the sign ” All Are Precious In His Sight” at Hobby Lobby, I painted over one heart to pink to help match the tree. I LOVE the sign and its meaning.

Pink Gnome for Spring in A Valentine's Day Tree

The gnomes were a struggle. I wanted Valentine Gnomes, but I thought I could repurpose these Spring Gnomes around Easter. I love them!

The Valentines Day Tree skirt is a faux fur comforter. I use them during the Christmas holidays for several trees and thought I could squeeze it in because Valentine’s day is a sort of still winter.

Valentine's Day Decorated Christmast Tree

Valentine’s Day Christmas Tree Happy Thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my office during these crazy busy times. I am learning as I go to juggle the heavy schedule because of this crazy Pandemic. And yes, my friends! This Valentine tree lifts my spirits every single day!

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