Sparkly Blueberry Blue Lip Gloss

Sparkly Blueberry Blue Lip Gloss – One girls dream is another girls clutter.

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge – Medicine Cabinets and Cosmetics

Today we are zipping through our medicine cabinets and cosmetics.

If you did this part during your clutter dash yesterday then please spend your five-minutes tackling general accumulated clutter throughout the house. The holidays are practically nipping at our heels so we may as well stay on top of the stuff.

Let’s Get Started:

Grab a trash bag and toss all the expired stuff and the stuff we no longer use.

For example:

Sparkly Blueberry Lipgloss that taste like well…. sparkly blueberries. It was a nice thought on my part, but alas, it was blue.

The eye shadow that looked so good at the drugstore you bought 3 and now they sit gathering dust and are surprising the color palette of a bucket of Jelly Beans. Yes, I thought yellow and purple would look nice on me, but I also thought I was going to be an astronaut when I was seven.

For cosmetic storage when you are short on space check out this post.

Take 5 for Cosmetics

Have a Clutter Free Day or a Super Sunday, your pick. And if you can pull of sparkly blueberry blue lip gloss and yellow and purple eye shadow then by all means go for it. Moms Rock!

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