Fighting Clutter Crime- Rocking Moms Will Win Every Time

 It is Monday! We are fighting clutter crime.  This should be a piece of cake on a three day weekend especially with the children at home today.

I have my bag and basket, the bag for trash the basket for stray clutter items.  I am ready to go and make my house less cluttered and more like my dream home.  You know the one from the Pottery Barn advertisements.  Sigh, wouldn’t it be nice if there were clutter fairies.

They would come out at night and pick up the house, set the table for breakfast, and have the coffee already for bleary-eyed moms.

Anyway, enough of this chatter.  Let’s Go Fight Clutter Crime!  Pick up 100 pieces of clutter, Legos and Barbie clothes absolutely count.  We totally rock moms.

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