Take Two – For Super Busy Rockin’ Moms

There is nothing more daunting than trying to maintain a home while raising a family, working to pay the bills, and volunteering to help the local schools, community organizations and churches. It is like trying to juggle 8 plates blindfolded while hopping on one foot.

But it can be done, maybe not Penelope Perfect style, but you can have your  head above water and if you are lucky will receive occasional hug from your children and maybe a foot rub from your dear hubby for doing such a smashing job.

Simple Daily Challenge – Three is Company for Two


  1. Take 2 simple minutes and put away stray items in the laundry areas.
  2. Take 2 simple minutes and tidy your work area or desk.
  3. Take 2 simple minutes and clean out one shelf or bin in the refrigerator.


We are super, busy, rocking moms, but we can take 2 simple minutes and make it work!



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  1. So often, we think we don’t have time for things, yet two minutes can really make a huge difference. I’m going to have to start being aware of my “two minute” moments that I can use to keep things on track. Thanks for sharing!

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