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Five Minute Morning Power Walk

Five Minute Morning Power Walk


How many times do you wake up feeling tired, grumpy, dissatisfied, unappreciated, depressed or just plain old-fashioned mean?

I know I have had a few of those mornings.

When I wake up in this kind of mood it seems as if the whole house wakes up in that kind of mood as well.  Especially my grade school son!  Well, there is nothing magical about that kind of morning.

So to keep the mean-momma out of my mostly good mornings I take a Five Minute Morning Power Walk.  There is something about that burst of energy that makes grumpy me feel a little better.

I am lucky enough to have a treadmill in the garage.  I just get dressed and grab water and take 5 simple minutes to get my inner happy going.  I wish I had time for 10 minutes but then my morning feels rushed.

So I Challenge You Today  to the Five Minute Morning Power Walk

If you feel the momma-grumps coming on in the morning, afternoon or anytime, take a five-minute morning power walk.  If you have a treadmill great!  If you don’t, turn on a timer and walk around outside or even inside the house for 5 simple minutes! Make sure you are moving at a good steady pace.  And walking to the coffee pot and then over to your office chair or kitchen chair does not count.  Music will help, but not if you want you children to stay asleep.  An MP3 or other digital music players will help for this particular challenge.

Feeling grumpy now?  Ready, Set, Go!

Grab that Magical Morning Five Minute Morning Power Walk!


p.s. As with any exercise program please make sure you okay any physical activity with your doctor first.




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  1. A 5 minute work out session is definitely doable! I love the idea you present that you can do something like cleaning or excercising in a short period of time. It works perfectly for me because I tend to get bored doing one thing for a long time.

    1. I am surprised what a mom can do in 5 minutes, especially under a bit of pressure. Moms are amazing.

    1. I know, I am not really even human until coffee and this little walk. Water helps as well, lots and lots of water.

  2. You’ve made me think now. I was always much happier when i used to have to take the dog for a walk in the mornings. I think I need a new dog 🙂

  3. So simple, so brilliant! A must. I get up early to do a workout prior to my day at work, but my Mrs., she can benefit from this one! Thank you! xoxo #ThatFridayLinky xo

  4. Not happening in the morning. I’d trip and bite the treadmill. lol However doing the five minute thing on the treadmill is a brilliant Pam.

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