Hey Momma! What’s For Dinner? #49

Hey Momma! What's For Dinner? #49

Hey Momma! What’s For Dinner? #49

Hi, Friends!  Happy new week and happy meal planning Thank you for stopping by to read Hey Momma What’s For Dinner! This week I am super busy working on new recipes and a few “day job” print designs along with our first full week of school. I am in full-working-busy-mom mode.  Each year I forget the impact of our busy schedule after two months of summer fun.  About the middle of the first full week, it starts to hit me. I feel drained, overwhelmed, and have moments where I feel like the hamster on the wheel.  I actually missed an appointment Friday from not realizing what day it was!

So this week! My pantry and freezer will be my friends. We will eat the food I photograph and three planned pantry meals.  The key to surviving busy family weeks is having staples in the pantry that will make simple meals in 30 minutes or less.

No Soak Vegan Pinto Bean Recipe and easy recipe using simple kitchen tools.

Here is What’s For Dinner This Week

Monday: Freezer MealMy Yummy Turkey Chili, Cornbread, and Vegetable Crudites
Tuesday: Annie’s Gluten Free Mac n Cheese, Sliced Fried Uncured Turkey Hotdogs, Green Salad

Wednesday: Freezer Meal: Ranchero Vegan Pinto Beans,  leftover Cornbread, with our yummy Broccoli  Salad with Honey Dressing and Golden Raisins.

Thursday: ( Hubby Grills) Burgers and Baked Sweet Potato Fries with a special spicy sweet dressing. ( Recipe coming soon)

Friday: Dinner at our favorite Local Vegan Restaurant.

Saturday:  Simple Pasta with Tomato, Greek Olives, Basil and Oregano (pictured below)

Sunday:  Chicken Curry Salad, Chickpea Salad, Arugula Greens with Spicy Dressing and Strawberries.


https://mommacan.com/hey-momma-whats-for-dinner-49/I would love to hear What’s For Dinner at your house in the comments! If you need more dinner ideas find them here on the menu-planning board or 

here at the orgjunkie.com


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I am so excited!


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