Three Simple Tasks and a Hot Green Tea

Today is one of those days where I find that every minute of my day is accounted for and if I don’t plan properly I am going to be flustered and sitting in my car eating fast-food. When you plan you weeks for the school year, you think to yourself.  Well on this day we have soccer, piano, homework and a quick dinner to get in some reading time. A busy schedule, but doable. Then life throws in a few things in your carefully planned out day and you end up wondering how you are going to accomplish everything without throwing the adult version of a two year old temper tantrum. ( I believe we call it cursing, but I could be wrong.)   Thursdays are my hands down busiest day, especially in the late afternoon and evening.  To make it super colorful and interesting we have Open House at school tonight.  And not just a simple meet and greet the teacher and look a cool art work and random book reports.   This school has a Art Fair, Book Fair, Bake Sale and several we need money pitches from various clubs and school programs.  And I have to find out how can I get through this maze with my checkbook at budget and my time frame organized enough to get from one event to the next without losing my temper in traffic. I know I am rambling, but here is my point. When my life gets super busy, I go back to the basics at home.  Because it is at these busiest times that we need order.  So without further rambling,

Three Simple Tasks and a Hot Green Tea 


  1. Make sure all the beds are made.
  2. Tidy Up the Kitchen and Empty Trash
  3. Clear off my desk

Have a hot green tea.   What are your go to tasks when you are super busy? Simple Daily Challenge for today is as follows: Empty all the trash cans throughout the house and then pick your very own three simple tasks to get your day straight and do those as well.

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