Freshly Made Beds- So Dear To My Heart



I love the scent of freshly laundered sheets. Therefore I am excited about today’s  Simple Daily Challenge.

Bedroom sheets are a fun way to show your quirky, classic or polka-dot style.

They come in hundreds of shades, prints and several textures.

But the one thing in common that sheets hold is that they get dirty and well, kind of stinky.

My fondest memory as a child is getting tucked into bed on a particularly tough day. My momma would spritz scented fabric spray as a treat and I would enjoy a peaceful night knowing that no matter what my ups and downs might be I always had my momma and a place to lay my head. My sheets were gold roses and I had a canopy bed with tons and tons of pillows.

What kind of sheet gal are you? Polka Dots, Stripes, Plain Jane, Flowers?????

Simple Daily Challenge: Change: Wash and launder the sheets. Make up the bed and fluff the pillows or ready the bed for a night of slumber and for fun add a mint to each pillow. Enjoy your fresh bed linens!

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