Goodnight My Good Cranberry Friend

Well, it is a day before New Year’s Eve. And I am browsing on-line this morning looking for  interesting appetizers to bring for a New Year’s Eve.

As I was browsing I realized that today is probably a good day to toss all the leftovers from Christmas to make room for a few things for New Year’s Day and a few bags of salad. Many mommas buy the token bags of salad for the new year to start their new weight loss plan and I am no different.  But this year, I hope to stick to the plan just a tiny bit better. I mean how bad could eating one salad a day be?

So away we go, out with the old to make room for the new.

And what a perfect day for planning healthy meals for next week

And a couple of yummy lunches for the little ones to jazz up their palates.

But before I begin these three little tasks I am going to do a 5-minute clutter bust in the kitchen. Yes, the gnomes must have had a tiny party last night because when  I woke up there were things scattered here and there. Can I do it in 5 minutes? Well we will see, I will do a before and after shot and share them in a short post later this morning.

  • Simple Daily Challenge: Toss all the stuff that has past its edible state and when I doubt throw it out.
  • Plan a couple of meals and lunches for next week and New Year’s Day.
  • Then go enjoy yourself for a minute or two. Moms rock!

Question: What do you cook for New Year’s Ever or New Year’s Day?  I love new ideas.


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  1. I finally there out all the left overs! I am your new follower from the hop, pls follow back if you can!

  2. Will do, thanks for stopping by. Its always nice to meet other moms!


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