Take 5 What Room is Bugging You?

What Room Is Bugging You?

What room is bugging you? Walk through your home and pick the one room that makes you feel blue. Let’s jump in their and spend 5 minutes tidying, delcuttering or tossing out trash. Why? Because we want a room that fills us with joy and we deserve a room that fills us with joy. A tidy room does not cost a penny but a tidy room  does give us a bit of peace. And even though we may not have spare cash to do super nice things like those glossy covered magazines we can make that room shine with a little momma love.

Get to it now and don’t forget you are a rock star!

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  1. I just walked into the library/office with Hubby’s stuff. My plan is if he doesn’t do something this weekend, I am shoving it all in the closets! I am so done with that room and his man cave that he hasn’t organized either. “SIGH”

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