The Calm After The Merry


It is so quiet here this morning. I am sipping my coffee in my totally cleared out office and really love the feeling of practically no clutter. (of course, I am not counting the closet)  The rest of the house is, well a little off tilt. There are still boxes and ribbons scattered about and random items that are new that have no official home.

However, it is the day after a huge holiday in this house so I am taking it a bit easy. I am enjoying my coffee without the mad rush of having to make breakfast and get little guy off to school.

I hope you all had the best of a holiday and are starting your optimized, achievable and dream enhanced New Year’s Resolutions list.

But for today the Simple Daily Challenge is Tidy the Kitchen for 15 minutes. The hub of the home is more than likely in a holiday rut right now so give it some momma love then go hang out with your family.


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