Holiday Clean Challenge – Nasty Spotty Carpets


Happy Saturday!  And boy is it busy around Momma’s house.  I am cooking up a big pot of potato soup, finishing up some work before hanging out with friends and  of course completing today Holiday Challenge of those nasty spotty carpets.

We are going to be using this post from the Shine Challenges!



Nosy Neighbors and Snoopy Relatives and My Nasty Spotty Carpets

Don’t forget to check Facebook from time to time for random quick challenges to give you a little boost and of course our Dazzle Booster to decorate your way a little at a time to Christmas.

Dazzle Booster: If your front door was cleaned during the challenge a couple of days ago, go ahead and hang up your holiday wreath!  If the door is not clean, then just take a couple of minutes and give it a good cleaning.


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