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Home Booster for Busy Moms- The Color Tangerine- Inspire, Decorate, Dream, Organize

I love a good sweet tangerine. It is one of my favorte snacks with its summery citrus scent, sweet juicy segments and can often be found seedles in those Cuties which are all the rage. But what draws me to the tangerine in the first place is its color.  Warm and inviting it beckons me to place a bag in my cart at the love grocery to take home and put in my favorite milk glass bowl. Elegant and easy  it sits at near my  reading nook with its sweet tangerine scent beckoning me all day.

That is why we are exploring the color tangerine today.


This room is filled with tangerine accents or accents in the orange family which the color tangerine is catergorized. I have to say I love that carpet but am not sure how well it would fair with my nine year old son.

The sweet tangerine walls compliment the simple sitting area with its wonderful area rug and chair. I love the unadorned windows but the flowers are flat.



This is a more complex and warmer version of tangerine but I just loved the painting so I had to choose this one.  Each element in this room attracts the other element, compliments it and then draws your eye to another element. It is full of rich color and the is the most orange of our Tangerine rooms today.  Love it!

What is your favorite color to decorate with?

Greens, Blues, Yellows???

There are so many to choose from and I would love to hear you thoughts.


Simple Daily Challenge:  In each of these rooms the tables are simplified with just one or two elements.  Today find an end table or even the dining table, give it a good dusting and then put away the clutter. Try arranging the table as simple as possible. I would bet it look pretty nifty with just one or two main knick knacks or a vintage book or two.  Enjoy yourday!

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  1. I have a question: When I click notify me of follow-up comment, I get an email to confirm it which I do. Then I get another email thanking for subscribing..but I am already subscribing and getting your posts via email..so why do I have to confirm every time I want to follow comments…..

    I am still in the stage of figuring out how I want to decorate our home. The wallpaper is a tan like color. I have my master bath a light lime-like green. My other bathroom is purple and gold (LSU accessories). Since a friend gave me two reddish/brownish chairs I’m still thinking on it. lol.

    I do love the tangerine dining room!!

  2. the combination of color and furniture was so great. also the marrocon sheet also something special. this would be very good idea.

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