Simply Super Summer – Children’s Chores for the Summer

Hooray for Friday!

School is nearly out or is out which means very little homework if any for most of us mommas!  Oh sweet summer, a gift with a double-edged sword.

Summer is freedom, yet when it comes to our homes it means dirt tracks, hand prints, scattered toy debris, endless snacks and endless dishes.

Hooray for Summer!

How do we stay ahead of the mess?  Who knows?

But I would not trade those messes for anything in the world, because I am not too old to remember what it felt like when that last bell rang and summer began.  The pure joy of it was enough to motivate me to swim across oceans, build 200 foot Lego towers and sometimes  actually practice the piano without the threatening prompts of my mother!

Hooray for Challenges!

Today’s Simple Daily Challenge is to write a chore list for each child that is age appropriate.  I believe summer is the best time to learn new responsibilities and most children will do it willingly if approached in a positive way.

Take a look at what you little ones are doing to take care of themselves, their rooms and picking up after themselves. Add one more item for the summer!  That is it.  It could mean helping with dinner, vacuuming, or putting away dishes.

The goal, responsible little people who will grow up and be rockin’ moms and dads!

Here is a link to my favorite super fast chore making chart!

DLTK Chore Charts

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  1. Okay, you read my mind. I totally need this. With music lessons over but trying to practice 1x/week, we’re finding it harder than practicing every day. Thanks for the link. ~Heidi

  2. I use this chore maker for so many things! I just love it.

  3. I love the idea of having a chore chart. Getting the kids to help out with the chores does wonders for their self-esteem as well.

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