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The Color Red Is Bold and Wonderful

When I see red, I am not angry. Well at least I am not today, because today our color focus is RED.  And red is a very wonderful thing in interior design because one tiny element can make a pretty big statement and a large element is a great big punch bowl of wow.

This collection is really attainable on a budget. Simple white frames, whte mirror and painted dining room chairs and table in big bold RED.  Simple and fun with the added red dishes and vase with the yellow flowers to lighten the bolder colors used n the table and chairs.

This kitchen island is incredibly awesome. Nine feet long with a walnut top and a perfect red color, not too shiny but not afraid. I would never leave this kitchen, I mean never.


I love the turquose walls and the sheer curtains in this super sweet bedroom, the RED desk compliments the ensemble perfectly.

This was my favorite find of all the photos I look at this week. Look at the three bold colors. RED, turquoise and yellow. The red chest of drawers and the mirror really pop but when you add the equally bold colors it just seems to draw you in completely. I just want to sit here and drink lemonade while my apple pie is baking and my husband is roping cattle.  Yep, this sitting area really gets me in fanatasy mode.

A super simple way to add a little RED pop to a room is adding a white bowl filled with either apples, strawberries or red tomatoes. Another simple method is to stack books with a red binding together on a shelf or end table.

Do you use red element in your home?  I would love to hear what items and how you use them, especially if they are relative affordable but pennies really count these days!

Simple Daily Challenge

Organize one shelf in either a bookcase, pantry or closet. Discard or donate unused items that do not hold sentimental value and organize the rest.  So simple, yet effective in battling clutter and making items easier to find.

Enjoy the day!


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  1. I don’t have red in my home..but it is beautiful. Never would have thought of mixing red, turquoise and yellow though!

    I am reading, just not commenting on them all 🙂

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