Home Boosters for Busys Moms – Morning Coffee and Clutter Control

Happy  Monday!  Grab a pretty blue cup and have your morning cup of Joe!

Morning Java Perfection

I love the cute cannisters. They are probably filled with custom teas and yummy sugars. I just adore the vintage shelf/rack with the tea towel hanging ready to catch up spills.

 Wine and Coffee in one storage area. No words needed.

Did you notice that not one of these photos have the so, so popular K-Cups?  Hmmm, that is food for thought. I must search again for a cute set-up for K-Cup users. Although those little cups can be kind of expensive.

If you are a coffee lover what is your favorite coffee maker?  I use Keurig and love it!


I hope you enjoyed this little coffee excursion.  No for my second cup and  a mini-Candy Crush break. hehe But before I forget! Its Monday!

It is Monday! We are Fighting Clutter Crime by picking up and putting away 100 pieces of clutter or trash in 10 minutes! I am looking forward to tidying up my closet and bathroom this morning so that will be my focus.  I encourage you to pick one area a week for you 100 club-clutter pick up and have the children help you!  Odds are they created a bit of the mess in the first place.

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  1. Odds are good they created most of it! But I’m in – 100 pieces in 10 minutes. I reckon my big kids could get into that challenge – we might focus on their room!

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