Mom – Olympics Challenges for Today – Our Bedrooms

Blanket of Snow

We are celebrating our own little Mom- Olympics in honor of this year’s Olympic Winter Games. I personally love the ice skating. I have learned to hold my breath through nearly an entire routine in fear of the poor participant falling on their bum.

If you did not see the initial Game Challenge you can find it here.

Momma Olympics – Homemaking Game for Busy Moms

We are tallying up points each day for household chores and general home paper pushing, like meal planning and paying the bills. Our points are our daily little mommy medals.  I am aiming for at least 250 points each morning. This will be a snap because each Olympic Challenge listed below is worth 100 points!

Today we are focusing on our bedrooms.

1.  The Bed: Wash and dry the sheets and make the bed as wonderfully inviting looking as your can. Fluff the pillows, add a throw to change it up a bit or just rearrange your pillow collection if you have one. 100 points.

2. The End Tables –  Clean up and tidy the end tables.  The few items the better and one small happy memento that reminds you of your family or something special in your life.  I have a sweet photo of my mommaolympicsoldest son sitting in a plastic pool on a plastic scooter toy wearing a ridiculous hat. 100 points.

3. The Floor –  Once your bed is made and tidy, the eye generally travels to the other largest and usually messiest place in the room, the floor.  Pick-up and put away all clutter on the floor and then step back and enjoy your pretty tidy bedroom. 100 points.

Be kind to all you meet and greet today!


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