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Summer Booster for Busy Moms – School Is STILL Out for the Summer! Inspire, Create, Joy


News Flash!  Summer is not over!


If you go shopping today you will notce many stores are decorating and stocking for back to school. Although its nice to take advantage of a good sale please don’t let these big stacks of paper and giant bins of crayons fool you. Summer Break is not over !  Let’s enjoy it with out children, family and friends!  Let’s make a plan.



Plan a BBQ!
Ribs, chicken, steak, veggie kabobs, simple fruit deserts and fresh cirtus punch and maybe some yummy Smores for the children and fun loving adults.



Release you inner artist with the children. Paint with washable craft paint and decortae the walls for the summer!



Visit the local library!  It is free and there are so  many lovely books with bright colored art work for you and your children to enjoy. There is nothing quite satisfying as turning the pages of mystery, adventure and love in a book with your little ones.


sea monkeys


Do something silly, we are currenly growing Sea Monkeys in a fish bowl, just like I did when I was a kid.  We are on day three and hope to see them hatch in two days.

And that is it for the morning! I am taking my son to the local museum for some knowledge followed by some icecream. The Lincoln exhibit at the Reagan Library is not complete without some Jelly Belly icecream. ( that mix is for my son, I am a strict Rocky Road kind of girl)
( I will recieve a few pennies to help run this website with each Sea Monkey set sold
through Amazon my affiliate and my favorite place to shop in my busy mommy life)

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