Happy You Week – Mom Breaks – Well All Need Them


Today I encourage you to look at your calendars and carve out some quality YOU time. This time can be spent reading, writing, painting, dancing or getting your toes painted Caution Orange, whatever gives you a respite from the crazy, busy days that moms generally have.  All moms and all busy women needs mini breaks throughout the week and a couple of hours blocked out each week for some real fun or relaxation.

And I know you may be thinking…. Dear God, yes I need a break but I can’t afford a sitter or my husband just does not get it.   Yes, of course it would be nice to be toally child free for a few hours a week, but in many cases that cannot happen. You can rejuvenate with your children.  Just change up the routine and make those couple of hours fun! Rent a movie they love and relax while they are watching or watch it along with them. Take a garden walk or visit a museum.  The most important factor is to change the daily hum drum routine.

Now scheduling in little five minute breaks is really doable when the kids are a bit older but what about when they are younger?  Nap time is your time and don’t you forget it! The housework will be there for eternity so grab those little moments to hug yourself and do something you love.

Tell me?  Do you schedule mini-breaks for yourself throughout the day… to keep your mommy cool and your smile bright and cheery?   The comments bar is open!  Please share!


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