Less Clutter, More Family Time




It is true.  The less stuff you have to deal with, the more free time you will have.  And as busy moms more free time can mean super awesome quality time with our family.

So today as we fight clutter crime and do our 100 pick up remember this tag line and think what can I donate, give away, throw away or organize in my home that will free up time!  

Less Clutter – More Family Time!

Its Monday!  And every Monday at Momma Can we fight clutter crime!

Now let’s go fight some clutter!  Remember clutter cannot win when we make up our minds not to let it win.

Simple Daily Challenge: Pick up and put away 100 items and since we are creating less stuff in January try to find at least 10 items to throw away or donate.  You can do this!  You and your family deserve a clutter free home and more time together!

Hooray for Monday! I am making positive changes today and I hope you will join me.

I will post my results today on Facebook today!  So please stop by and say hello!


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