Organize Your Life- Even When It Seems Impossible- One Step At A Time

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February is our month to organize on Mommacan.com.  Our areas of focus are simply the ones that need some attention that will have the most impact in the shortest amount of time.  This will hopefully give us a bit of momentum and courage to tackle even more areas throughout the year.

Today we are choosing one more area to organize that will truly bring a little smile to our lips or perhaps even a ridiculously large grin.

This week I am choosing my son’s dresser and desk.  I know it is two areas , but the dresser will be quick but the desk, oh have mercy.  My son is a stacker and a shifter.  When he brings in plaything, books and lego creations he stacks and shifts until the inevitable Jenga tower crash reflex occurs.  The crash of the tower usually means another shift to the left or right and then he is off to crate more chaos.  Well, I have ignored it long enough and it truly needs a momma’s touch.  So I pledge today on this sort of sunny day in California to deal with the clutter  one or near my son’s desk and dresser.

I am going to take the picture of shame later this afternoon.  Oh but heavens, the truth hurts.  

Simple Daily Challenge: Choose one area that needs to be organized, take a before picture if you like and then spend 5 minutes getting rid of clutter and stacking like items together. Each day we will make it a bit better and hopefully by the Sunday it will be neat and organized.

Later awesome rock stars!

*Organize Your Life- Even When It Seems Impossible- One Step At A Time –  Why? Because we can and we are awesome! – momma

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