Messy Dining Table Challenge

messy table

 Tidying Our Homes One Room At A Time

We are tidying up our homes 15 minutes at a time, one room at a time. Yesterday we had a 15 minute kitchen challenge and today we are hitting the dining area or table.

The photo above is dark, which is basically how I feel when our dining room table is messy.  The problem is we do not have a landing spot for several of the items and we could really use a Lego studio if there is such a thing.

Legos are an educational toy that create more cluttered chaos  than any other toy in the history of the world.

I know somewhere in my fuzzy, fussy mommy brain I can figure out a place or method to deal with this clutter. I just need to take the time to do so and stick to a rock solid plan.

(Wait, my inner mommy is laughing, she is such a judgmental annoying person,)

The reason my inner-mommy is laughing is because she has seen my to-do list for today.  She thinks carving out 15 minutes to clear off the table and organize is just not going to happen.  She is annoying just like my mother was when I needed to clean my room in highschool and everyone knows when your mom nags you eventually do it just to get her off your back or  TO PROVE her wrong.

I fully intend to prove my inner-mommy wrong today.


Simple Daily Challenge: Tidy up the dining room and kitchen tables in 15 minutes or less.  Yes you can do this, ignore that nagging inner-mommy and put on you Momma – Can smile and let’s get some things done!

I will be posting my results on Facebook, so if you have not like the page yet or visited then you can find it here.


Question: Do you have an annoying inner mommy nagging you from time to time?

Have a rocking day!




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