Momma Olympics – Heart and Home Edition The Kitchen Cabinets

Momma Olympics – Heart and Home Edition

 The Kitchen Cabinets

Week Two

“Have you any idea how many children it takes to turn off one light in the kitchen Three. It takes one to say What light and two more to say I didn’t turn it on.” 
― Erma Bombeck

Kitchen Cabinets can get really icky, especially during the summer months when all the children are home throughout the day!  We are gong to give the cabinets a good shining today!

Simple Daily Challenge for today’s Momma Olympics: – 100 points

  • Grab you window cabinet front cleaning tools.
  • Clean the just the fronts, especially around were you open the cabinet.
  • Do as many as you can in 15 minutes and then you are done or you can do another 15 minute set for an extra 100 points!

I use plain old soapy dish water to clean my cabinet fronts, it is cheap and readily available. If it is really gross I soak a sponge in a bit of vinegar a clean just that one grimy spot.  However, you use whatever your cabinet make recommends or what you are accustomed to using!


New Here???  Here are the Momma-Olympics Game Rules and Point System.

Here are the game rules:  Simply grab a pad and paper and add up the points your earn for each of the items listed below.  You get points for general housework as well as points for Simple Daily Challenges that will be posted throughout Momma-Olympics and our focus for this event is Heart and Home with a dash of Back To School.  You can share you tallied up points at the end of the day in comments or on Facebook

How many points can you earn each day during the Momma Olympics?  As many as your heart desires and time allows!

  • Make a bed. =10 points
  • Clean bathroom sink, quick clean-up of the toilet bowl and wipe bathroom countertop. = 25 points.Momma Olympics Summer 2014-001
  • Load of Dishes =  25 points
  • Load of Laundry =   25 points
  • Vacuum, sweep, or mop a floor. =   25 points
  • Take out Trash =  5 points per bag or can.
  • Plan and make breakfast or lunch. = 10 points
  • Plan and Make dinner one night.=   25 points
  • Clutter Donate or  Toss it Away! = 1 point per item flung or donated. <<<<<—— MY FAVORITE
  • Clean kitchen sink and wipe down counters =  25 points
  • Home Office Management = 100 points for 15 minutes (finances, meal planning and scheduling)
  • Healthy You – 25 points for daily exercise or movement and 25 points for daily meal tracking.
  • Simple Daily Challenges = Up to three per day  for 100 points each.


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