Momma’s Christmas in Red Home Tour

Hello, everyone! I’m Pamela, the creative behind Mommacan.com, and I’m delighted to welcome you into my home this festive season. Before we begin our tour, I invite you to grab a cozy mug of hot cocoa or a comforting cup of coffee and settle in for a journey through my holiday sanctuary, dressed in the timeless color of Christmas—red.

Hot Cocoa By the Fire,red, white and green mugs, and white chocolate pretzels.

Christmas In Red Home Tour

As you wander through each room, you’ll be enveloped by the rich, inviting shades of red that I adore. It’s a color that, to me, is the embodiment of festive cheer. Take a moment to gaze upon my Christmas tree, a centerpiece that stands tall, adorned with ornaments collected from our travels, each one a precious memento from a far-flung corner of the world, and of course, a profusion of red berries, my absolute favorite.

A cozy Christmas setting with a large, decorated tree between white-curtained windows, flanked by two brown leather chairs with a red-patterned pillow, a side table with a gift, and a coffee table with a tray of mugs and cookies, surrounded by red candles.

Red Baubles, Ribbons and Berries

Red, in its vibrant glory, doesn’t just decorate my home—it brings it to life. It’s a testament to the warmth of the season, an emblem of the memories we create and the traditions we hold dear. Look closely, and you’ll see more than just a color; you’ll see a narrative woven through the years, a story told in baubles and berries.

An inviting living room decorated for Christmas with 'Momma Can Christmas in Red Home Tour.' The room features a roaring fireplace with a decorative garland and stockings, a leather armchair with a teddy bear, a couch with plaid pillows, and a coffee table adorned with red candles, all evoking a warm holiday atmosphere

The Stockings Were Hung

The hearth is where our home’s heart beats strongest. The stockings, expectantly hung, add a dash of anticipation to the room, while the mantel, adorned with luscious greenery interlaced with those beloved red berries, invites you to a world of Christmas magic. This is our gathering place, where the comfort of the fire’s glow is a reminder of the love that surrounds us.

A festive dining room setup from the Momma Can Christmas in Red Home Tour, showcasing a tall, brightly decorated Christmas tree next to a dining table set with fine china, crystal glasses, and red candles, creating a welcoming holiday atmosphere

Christmas Dinner, Elegant and Kid Friendly

Step into our dining space, set for an evening of joyous feasting, and you’ll notice the reds come to play against a backdrop of festive green, crafting an atmosphere that’s both rustic and refined. It’s here, among the plaid and the pine, where we’ll share our stories and our laughter, creating new memories to be cherished.

Southern Eclectic Christmas Joy!

I’m a southern eclectic decorator at heart, and in my home, you’ll find unique expressions of my style—ornaments from places we’ve been, an abundance of red berries that I simply can’t get enough of, and a sense of timeless tradition that makes our Christmas decor not just beautiful, but meaningful.

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree with twinkling lights, red and green decorations, and a gift box on a side table, flanked by holiday mugs and festive treats in a cozy room setting

On Mommacan.com, I share this slice of my world with you, not just as a showcase of decoration, but as an invitation to embrace a color, that’s as versatile as it is vibrant. Red is a choice that suits any home and any budget, a hue that transcends trends and brings a touch of classic elegance to the holidays.

Holiday Serenade: A Christmas Tree and Piano Ensemble from MommaCan.Com

So, make yourself right at home, take in the festive reds that drape each corner, and may the charm of my southern eclectic Christmas inspire you to infuse your holiday season with the same timeless joy. Remember, no matter where you are, a touch of red can make your Christmas decor not just amazing, but absolutely unforgettable.

A tall, slender Christmas tree adorned with red and plaid decorations, part of the Momma's Christmas in Red Tour, set in a homely room with shiny wooden floors.

Five quick tips for busy families looking to decorate with red ribbons and decor for Christmas:

  1. Front Door Statement: Create an eye-catching statement on your front door with a large red ribbon. Wrap it around a wreath or hang a big bow to welcome guests with festive cheer. It’s quick to do and instantly sets a Christmassy tone.
  2. Ribbon Chains: Instead of time-consuming paper chains, use red ribbon to create chains that can be draped across the mantle, around the banister, or even along the dining table. They can be easily stored and reused each year, saving time and resources.
  3. Accentuate with Red Ornaments: For a touch of elegance that doesn’t take much time, place red ornaments in glass bowls or vases you already have at home. Cluster them on a mantelpiece or dining table for a simple yet striking display.
  4. Red Table Runners: Swap out your regular table linens for red runners or placemats. They instantly make the space more festive, and there’s no need for elaborate table settings. Add some red napkins to tie it all together quickly.
    Momma’s Bargain Tip – Use good wrapping paper as a table runner! (Yes, the dining table in this tour is red plaid wrapping paper!
  5. Tree Decorating with Ribbons: Instead of meticulously hanging individual baubles, wind red ribbons around your Christmas tree for a pop of color. Intertwine them with white or gold ribbons for a classic look that’s easy to assemble and disassemble.
    Momma’s Tip – Use Red as your theme and then accent with another style or color throughout the home. In this tour I used, Red ribbons of all kinds and accented with Black and White Harlequin Ribbon!
A festive holiday table setting with a gingerbread house centerpiece, surrounded by red berries and greenery, with a decorated Christmas tree in the background

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