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What’s For Supper? #103 Dinner Ideas for Real Folks

Each week we offer a simple menu plan with easy dinner ideas to get supper on the table and save busy mom’s time and money! This is Hey Momma! What’s For Supper? #103 Weekly Dinner Ideas For Real Folks.

Dinner Ideas for Real Folks
Dinner Ideas for Real Folks

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I don’t know about you, but this month has been so weird. Okay, seriously, I feel like some days are slow and drag by and then other days disappear so quickly that I don’t remember they happened. This crazy time in the world makes life feel like it is spinning and I seem to lose track of days.

How are you coping? How are you managing life in this pandemic?

I feel the hardest part is not being able to make plans to see the people I love. I had high hopes of visiting lots of my Tennessee and Arkansas family this year, even perhaps zipping over to Missouri. I miss my family so much.

Are you feeling the separation blues?

Honestly, cooking has been so therapeutic for me these days. The one thing I can control is what I am feeding my family. There are a couple of others, but cooking healthy meals is the one tool I know I can share to help my boys and my grandbabies how to eat for health and still have a treat now and then.

Dinner Menu Planning

Food truly can make a lasting memory for our kids.

Fond Dinner Memories

When I look back on my life, the things that stand out the most are meals with my parents and extended family. Family gathering always seem to have food. Each home different, but I can probably rattle off a special dish each home made every single time we visited.

My Aunt D comes to mind, she makes amazing pies and the best darn slow cooker chicken and dumplings.
My Aunt Inez, always seemed to make pork chops and I fondly remember leftover sitting on the stove for anyone who felt that a porkchop and some sliced garden-fresh tomatoes would make a good snack. And yep, they were right. And especially good in a sandwich with mayo!

My family cooked often, and I always considered the recipes handed down to each kid, food for real folks.

That is why when I meal plan I think we need more dinner ideas for real folks!

I would love to hear about what recipes you love that handed down generation to generation in your family. Please use the comment section, I read them all!

Gosh, I love fresh garden vegetables. I am so lucky to have access to Farm Fresh Produce every single week from local farms. That is why I make so many salads for the blog. They are healthy, and there is endless variety.

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Weekly Dinner Menu

Monday – Chopped, boned, rotisserie chicken with butter egg noodles.
and a Caesar Salad.

Tuesday Grilled Ribeye with Korean Potato Salad (NEW RECIPE)
WednesdaySheet Pan Chicken and Steak Fajitas with Vegan Pinto Beans

ThursdayGround Turkey Rigatoni with sliced cucumbers and apples.

FridayRoasted Salmon with Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Saturday – Pizza and a Movie night. (Pizza has been our go to for so long, I can’t imagine Saturday without pizza!)

Sunday – Local Restaurant Support- we always choose a Mom & Pop restaurant.

Meal planning is easy when you plan Dinner Ideas for Real Folks! That means your family!

Need more Menu Planning Ideas?  Check out our many yummy meal planning ideas here!  What’s For Supper? Menu Planning for Busy Families 

I wish you a productive week and hope this menu plan finds you safe and healthy!

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