Ninjagos, Guitars, and Star Trek- Yes, We Can Clutter Bust the Children’s Rooms

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 33

The Children’s Bedrooms

The first thing I thought of when walking into my youngest son’s room this morning was Star Trek. Why? Space the final frontier.


Walking into a little boy’s room can be heart melting, scary and full of surprises.


Once a week or so, my little guy tidy’s up his room. In other words he artfully hides the mess under the bed and in the closet.


He has already learned what many adults learn over the years…..


The Illusion of an Organized Life.


It is our jobs as mom’s to learn to be a bit organized in order to enable our little ones to have a less clutter and more organized life.


How do we start?  


  1. Get rid of out grown stuff.
  2. Stop buying stuff they really do not need.
  3. Give our children super simple tools to organize the stuff they have.
  4. Give our children the responsibility to take care of their stuff.


So, I know we are Spring Cleaning… and we will have a couple of days in May to Organize children’s rooms that I have marked off on the calendar to post. But why not start now?

I mean we are going to hanging out in that room for a couple of days anyway, right?


Let’s Begin: Set your music or timer for about 10 minutes and zip through that room like Tornado Tammy and get rid of out grown clothes, toys, shoes, books…. whatever you can.  Donate anything that is fitting and throw the rest away.


In a child’s room- clutter may cause them to loose sleep and be grumpy in the morning, especially toy and hobby clutter.


This DOES NOT mean we throw or donate all of the stuff. It just means, this is the place where our children rest and a peaceful sleep will be more easily obtained with less distractions.

Can you imagine trying to got to sleep at night if you were computer programmer and every night you went to sleep surrounded by 30 computer in all sizes and colors!  That is similar to what toys are like in a child’s room, or in my little guy’s case Ninjagos and Guitars!


I hope you enjoy this clutter busing session.  If you would like your child to participate, then go for it. As for me I like to attack outgrown toys solo, it just goes so much quicker.

If you are afraid of donating the most favorite toy in the whole world, then bag up the toys and keep it for a month.  If nothing is missed by your little one then take that bag to the donation zone in you area.

Enjoy Your Day!

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