Ranga Dilly Ding

Ranga- dilly – ding Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge

When you wake up in the morning and the alarm is making that annoying ranga-dilly- ding sound and you reach over to turn it off do you regretfully knock down a bottle of water, your current novel or Kindle, your glasses or your child’s newest framed school photo. Or was that stack of magazines you have been meaning to get to browse in the way? Me, I am guilty of all of the above not to mention random tissue wads and and an occasional “guilt free” piece of dark chocolate wrapper.

Today we are zapping out our bedroom end table clutter.

Let’s get started:

Grab a trash bag and turn on some music this should hopefully take just a few minutes. Perhaps you have a favorite song you would like to listen to or you could even “gasp” just do this in silence if you happen to have all the family occupied with other things.

Toss the trash, go through the magazines and keep only what you really, really want to read. Perhaps you have an old basket or other item you could store the magazines inside beside your bed. Toss those plastic water bottles into the recycle bin and consider using a glass or other Eco-friendly water holder.

Tidy the end table flat surface and try to arrange it where you can reach the alarm clock without knocking over the lamp or framed photos. Consider putting your eyeglasses, if you wear them, inside a case or in the drawer of the end table.

A friend of mine reminded me that if we had an earthquake or other natural disaster it would be terrible to jump up and not be able to find the one tool we need to actually see where we are going in such an awful situation.

Ranga-dilly-ding-  That is your cue and mine to get started.

What is on your end table right this minute? I would love to hear from you in the comments section or on Facebook!

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    1. I know, I refuse to open my husband’s. He is a total candy hoarder and for some reason it bugs me a little. Does he feel like he needs to hide his candy habit?

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