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Observing Memorial Day with Your Family

Observing Memorial Day with Your Family

Observing Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just a few days away and with it, for many, the start of summer.  Many folks will enjoy a three-day weekend by having friends over for a BBQ or dashing to the local park or beach for a family picnic. 

A few will enjoy some “Memorial Day” sales of this and that, dashing from location to location to get the best deals in a brick and mortar store filled with crisp air-conditioning and many times a coffee shop.

They will order delicious chocolate -something-a-chino and sit down at a cafe table with their friends or their children and probably have a smile on their face because life is so good.

I would hope that these folks would take a pause in some of these festivities and remember why they were granted a three-day weekend.  


What is Memorial Day?  It is a day when we mourn and remember our fallen men and women who gave their lives to our country.  They gave everything to preserve our Blanket of Freedom.

The Blanket of Freedom that many of us take for granted is a patchwork quilt of many men and women.  The blanket is and was protected by a group of living and fallen grandfathers, uncles, brothers, aunts, sisters, friends, spouses, daughters, and sons.  Each with a network of loved ones who love them, who miss them, and who weep, worry, and mourn on this Memorial Day.  But also stand proud because of the pride they have for their loved ones’ chosen path, the path that preserves freedom for the country they love and the people they protect.

It is hard not to live in this day and age and not know someone who has lost a loved one or close friend in combat.  Someone out there is going to be lonesome and hurting on Memorial Day.  If you know that person, send them a note or call them a few days early to let them know you care.

And if you have some time, go visit a Veteran’s hospital or have the children make cards to send to the hospital.
Take your family to the local Veteran’s cemetery and explain to them what it means. Maybe let them place a few American flags at the graves.

Then go ahead, enjoy that Family BBQ, and lay a nice Patchwork Quilt on the ground for your family to relax and enjoy the day. Today, you are Free.

This is dedicated to my daddy.  Thank you for coming home.

This is dedicated to his brothers who did not.  Thank you for keeping me safe.

This is dedicated to Chris Williams. We still miss you and always will.

John F. Kennedy on Freedom

Our Freedom Quilt 

Dedications of those who lost their lives in combat and those who are currently serving or have served to protect our freedoms.
Each one of these men and women is part of our Freedom Quilt.

Each year we add to the Freedom Quilt.  It is shared on Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and The Fourth of July. 

Please honor: my late Father-in-law, Jules Koenig WWII 

Including Battle of the Bulge. 

And my father, living, Carl Cicogna, Korea, decorated.

~ Cindy, CA

Please honor: John Cruse

~ Jean, CA

Please honor, my late Uncle, Charles E. Adams, USAF; My nephew currently serving: Brian MacLean, USAF; My nephew currently discharged, David MacLean, US Army; My dad, William Burchett, US Navy, and my step-dad, Cecil Brown, US Army.

~ Carrie, CA

Special Mention of my uncles Aceil King and Raymond Myers.

~ Pam, AR


Francis M Sterling and Mary Sterling and their incredible service in World War I,  Francis started serving his country at an incredibly young age of 14 in Siberia.  He and his wife served together in VFW during WW I.  ~ Thank you Drisana for this wonderful addition.

For  Lieutenant Colonel James W. Woodard and his 23 years of service to our country.  Colonel Woodard served in Vietnam.  ~ From his daughter  Melinda

*His daughter stood by my side as they buried my brother a year ago.  I had not seen her in 25 years but she made it a point. She is a solid person and an outstanding individual.  

For Noel Vernon Bowers – father of Jeff Bowers and father-in-law to my cousin Virginia King Bowers.

For my daddy Doyle I. Myers, who passed a year ago on March 30, 2021. My heart hurts but I know you are watching over me with the Good God. I miss you, daddy. Thanks for all you did for me and hug my brother for me.

Please feel free to add to this list in the comments below and I will add them as they come through.  God Bless You.

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  1. This post is the exact reason you have a few special somethings left on my blog today. <3 the post. And the pic of the little guy is as handsome as it was before 🙂 <3

    1. It surely is not. We have a cemetery near by that does a nice program early every Memorial Day morning. We take Johnny there to see the veterans and airplanes and visit the graves.

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