Peaceful Mondays and Cello Angels

Happy Monday!

I am thrilled to be here and thrilled to pieces at the help a wonderful help I received from a Facebook poster last night on Momma Can’s Facebook Page.

Back Story:

Johnny starts strings class on Wednesday and we rented a 3/4 cello for the big event.  He was “exploring” the instrument in the studio at our house and the bridge fell off.  He was upset and I know not one drop about anything cello.  But I can quickly adapt, when there is a need. 

My Mondays are sacred, I catch up on work, exercise, and am trying to have 20 minutes or prayer/meditation a week now to reduce my stress and keep me “momma sane”.

The idea of driving out to have a brand new instrument repaired was really not in my schedule and was kind of bumming me out.


Angels to the rescue!

Here is the story:


And so here I sit and since the good Lord has a sense of humor I actually have an unexpected doctor trip today.  But hey!  At least I had my morning java and yogurt.   And I am sitting here looking at my To Do list and saying to myself…. Its Monday!

And on Mondays We Fight Clutter Crime here at

So get to it and pick up 100 pieces of clutter or trash in 10 minutes under and your are a winner,  A Clutter Crime Fighting Momma Machine!


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