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Roosters Do It and So Can You

Roosters Do it and So Can You
Have you ever heard a rooster crow in the morning?  Wait no?  Hold on….

First of all, they really do sound as if they are saying cock-a-doodle-doo! Secondly, they have real get up and go morning attitude and actually crow to claim their territory at any part of the day they feel like crowing or if they sense danger.  But, I can assure they do crow in the morning, probably because they hear the stir of the farmers and other animal caregivers near their stoop. The rooster crowing in the morning  in the video  is not whining about how early it is, he just got off of his roost and start making some serious noise.  This rooster keeps his mornings simple, so there is no room for chicken error.

How can we busy moms get Rooster-like morning attitude.  Well, let’s make a simple list.

1. Get adequate sleep the night before.

2. Set your alarm to allow at least 15 minutes of snooze button pushing. I mean if you are going to push the SNOOZE you may as well not be late for work or rousing the kids out of bed.

3. Take a couple of minutes to stretch your neck,  like a nosy chicken looking around the clover patch or try this simple morning yoga routine right in the bed! It does mention meditation, so you can pray, meditate or mentally calculate how long it will take you to shower this morning.

4. Take a quick wonderful shower and slather on something that makes you happy, a body scrub or citrusy scented soap and some yummy lotion.  Lately, I have been loving all things infused with mint, it puts real zest into my short shower minutes.

5. Get dressed and ready for the day! And super important, tell your family that you love them, because why create a super wonderful morning without sharing some joy with the ones you love.

Have a rocking day and I am so glad you dropped by for the challenge!

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