The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Pinky PromiseTake 3, Cleaning Out My Closet

Here is Take 3 of my closet project. The project is my 3 minutes per day to not only a tidy closet but a magical place that I can go to find my clothes, purse and shoes for the day.

Here you can find the very first post of my adventure!  The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. 

This is the back of the closet.  Normally, I could not even step over there to get shoes, so I would just toss them some place near the door.  I even was able to go shoe shopping this week and replace a few pairs that were never very comfortable. Oh and  I found my hiking boots!


I am getting pretty close to the point of adding a bit of color and style. This will be the magical part and I am truly looking forward to the little mom adventure.



Here is the before.  Notice the pile of clothes that no longer fit!  Yes, momma is on a little diet. lol


Getting so close to the tidy finish line and on to the magical part.

Um, I have no idea what is in that bag on the top shelf.

I can’t wait to finish this little mom adventure.  I cannot believe what I have accomplished in just three minutes per day.

What larger project in your life do you need to tackle?  It can be done. Come on moms, it is time to create you own mommy adventure.

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