100 Club More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys


Yeah for Monday! It is all in the attitude, you can dislike Monday or you can look at the silver lining and realize, hey I am alive and kicking so why not enjoy the day.

Yeah for Monday!  We are hanging out in the dining room and office today for a 100 club pick-up, but if you see another room that is driving you crazy then by all means pick up that room.

Our goal is to pick up and put away  or throw away 100 items of clutter and trash and when we reach that goal we will be patting ourselves on the back and doing our very own little touch down dance.

And just because I think you all are the most awesome moms (dads) in the world I am giving another fun song to tidy with today.

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  1. I like that concept of putting away or throwing away 100 items!! Makes it seem so much simpler when you think about it like that!

  2. Are we alllowed to throw away our spouse’s magazines and paperwork that is on the dining room table. I pick up and put on his desk but the table is full by the next morning.

    hmm wonder if there is hubby’s repellent LOL…

    Great post as always. Sorry for the silence lately but I’ve not been up to par but know I am reading!

    1. I would probaby just ask if he would like some help sorting. Or just keep stacking, eventually the stack will fall over and then perhaps it will cause your spouse to dig in and clear it all out. 🙂

  3. My dressing room (yes I have whole bedroom that acts as my closet, commence jealousy :D) was a nightmare. I just kept throwing things on the floor and avoiding my laundry. I had off yesterday so I spent a good bit of time cleaning, throwing things out, and putting things away and it felt SO GOOD!

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