Spring Cleaning Challenge for the Day is Shimmy, Shimmy, Shine!

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 30-  Windows, Mirrors and Doors

I was casually walking around this morning, green tea in hand, because I am try the 17 Day Diet and it seems I have to drink green tea 24/7 these days.


I walk into the boys’ bathroom to make sure that they have toilet paper, something I do on a occasion because I have learned from experience never to let the  boys or my sweet dear husband run out of toilet paper.

And here is why…..


  1. They steal mine.
  2. They use other random paper or like objects to clean their business.
  3. They yell out the bathroom door as if a hurricane has met a tornado and they are smack in the middle with no way of escaping requesting a roll.  And yes, even if I am not home, they expect me to respond.
  4. I have no desire to see anyone do the “ I am out of toilet paper walk” out of the  bathroom, down the stairs and into the closet for toilet paper.  If you have seen the walk you know what I am talking about.


Yikes, having a mommy shiver moment. lol


At any rate, back to the story. I went into the boys bathroom to check for toilet paper and looked down at the bottom of the door.  I am not sure what splashed there, and I am trying not to think about it gross sticky redness, but it was disgusting. And I thought to myself…. I am not touching that.  But then I thought, could it be worse than letting grow into something scarier?  So, I got out the rubber gloves and cleaned what had to be the nastiest thing I have every discovered in the boys’ bathroom and still have no idea what it was.  Gross!


Spring Cleaning Challenge for the Day is Shimmy, Shimmy, Shine!


Take out your window cleaner, general purpose cleaner and rags and clean the windows, mirrors and doors in the bathrooms.

Make sure to work from top to bottom and buff dry to keep the shine. I love shining a window, it is quick work and brings such simply joy.

I hope your bathroom door does not look like what I cleaned this morning, but if so wear gloves and possibly eye protective wear and a  gas mask.  You can never be to safe when cleaning the unknown.

You know some of this is humor, so please don’t think I have ever had to wear a gas mask while cleaning anything in my home….. yet.

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