How To Speed Clean Your Home for the Holidays


There is nothing more stressful than trying to cook, clean and control clutter during the holidays especially with the children home during Winter Break. But when the nosy neighbors and snoopy relatives are due to arrive we have to get our momma game faces on and just do it.


Here is my method, it is not a perfect method but as long as we try our best and try to enjoy the process we can squeeze enough tidying and cleaning in to feel like we can handle company for the holidays.


  • Do not skip your morning routine.  Make the beds and have the children help if they can. Get dressed and put on your momma face. This includes hair, make-up, teeth and whatever else makes you feel put together. Pretend you are about to go out to lunch with the girls. It will be easier to just touch up your make up later than to try to do the whole face at the last minute.
  • Gather Your Tools: Vacuum, Mop, Dusting cloths, Spray Cleaners, Rags and the dreaded toilet brush.
  • Now to the fun stuff. Utilizing your groovy tunes and a timer do a 5 minute pick up of clutter and trash through the house in each room. If you feel as if there is not time to put away the items then put them in a hamper, box or bag and stuff it all in your closet. Guests will think they are bags of gifts hidden from the children if they happen to get so nosy that they end up in your closet.
  • Clean the kitchen as best you can. You may be in the middle of roasting a turkey or baking. Just clean up as much as you can and put away as many items as possible. Clean for 15 minutes and then move on.
  • Now grab the dust rag and dust the main rooms. Just the obvious places in the entryway, dining area and living areas.
  • Next: Vacuum up only the stuff you see, usually this is the high traffic areas in the main living areas.  Then a damp mop and mop up only what you see as dirty in the guest bathroom, entryway and kitchen.
  • The Bathroom: Wipe down the sink, shine the mirror and clean the toilet with the toilet brush.
  • Empty Trash: Empty all the trash cans. There is something about a full tash can in a bathroom that just makes the room look dirty.
  • Just before you company arrives light a few candles that are in safe places, high enough to keep toddlers from toddling them over. Turn down the lights and perhaps have some tea.

You are an awesome rocking momma and don’t your forget it.


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  1. Ah nothing like the thought of having guests to suddenly make me want to clean! This little guide is great. Sometimes just a good 30 minutes can make such a huge difference.

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