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Closet Booster for Busy Moms- Organize, Decorate, Inspire

Closets, we love them, we hate them, we can’t find anything to wear and we sometimes throw small tantrums and hide in them.  Oh wait, maybe that is just me. (I have been parenting for 27 years and am entitled to an occasional tantrum.)
Today we are exploring closets and deciding what we love and what we should change. I think closets should not just house your stuff, but also reflect our  personalities. And the phrase. “Less is More” is super important when deciding what to do with a closet, in my humble opinion.


The white walls, drawers and storage really bring out the colors in this lucky girl’s super nice closet.


First of all, how awesome is this, having an ironing board right in the closet. But that is not what drew me to this room, it was the simple print hanging on the wall.  I just love it.

The shade of the drawers and shelve is perfect for busy moms. Not super white, yet a light enough color to be cheerful.  This shade could hide toddler finger prints for a few days, well maybe and maybe not. It depends on how often you allow finger painting and chocolate pudding snacking.

Simple Daily Challenge: Spend five to ten simple minutes hanging up stray clothes and putting away shoes and other stuff.  Then glance around and think, ” Where can I find a place to show off my personality in this little closet?

Have a rocking day, you  totally deserve it!

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