Spring Dream and Clean 2013 – Family Command Center Finished


family command center finished

This month is our Spring Dream and Clean 2013 and I am finally finished with my first project, the Family Be Awesome Center.  Why would I call it ” Be Awesome”?  Well, why not?  I want my family to experience the most of what life has to offer and being awesome sounds like a good start.  When my nine year old likes something exceedingly well he always says, ” That Is Awesome!”.  Therefore a Family Command Center call the Family ” Be Awesome” Center seemed to make so much sense.

Useless message center

Here is the original state of the family command center.  Frumpy and uninspiring.

family command center day two

Here is the command center decluttered and made in to a clean palate.


family command center finished

Here we are all finished!

I am very happy to say that I finished around my 20 dollar budget.  I purchased the clock, the memo pad and the long corkboard which I transformed by painting the words family on the front.

Take a look at the before an after shots.


spring clean and dream 2013I had the best time updating our Family Command Center and hope to update it again in the future with more colors or a small inspirational painting or phototgraph from our travels.

Have a rocking day and please join in on the Spring Dream an Clean Project 2013.  Simple Changes for  Big Impact In Your Home.  My next stop is the kitchen!  I have my mind set on moving my baking pans to a higher spot for easier access.  It will take some planning and perhaps a box of duct tape or two.

Extra~ Here is the clock I used for the Family Command- Be Awesome- Center. It was 14.99 at Target and is available here.  I will receive a small compensation if you buy this clock through Target. com.  But truth be known, I drove my car over to the brick and mortar store I bought it right on sight.  I do love this clock though, it requires to fresh triple AAA batteries and I hung it with 3M removable velcro strips.


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    1. Thank you, it has really been worth the effort. I may even add labels. There is something about a label that keeps me on my toes.

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