Spring Clean and Dream – The Family Room

spring clean and dream 2013

Yesterday we kicked off our Spring Clean and Dream 2013 Challenge!

I have chosen my spot to rejuvenate as we enter into Spring tomorrow.  This family message center was once active and very useful, however things have changed since its creation four years ago.  My oldest son no longer lives at home and my youngest son is much,much taller!  Therefore the whole area is just uninspiring and all around not so useful.  I aim to bring it back to life again this week.  I want more order and a bit of color.

Family Message Center Gone Wrong

My first course of action is Dream!

So  I went to Pinterest and pinned and pinned and pinned.  Then I visited Potterybarn.com and got completely sidetracked by all the cute office furniture.

So to keep myself focussed I made this list.

Our newly named Family ” BE AWESOME” Center needs to have…

  1.  A Family Calendar that is easy to update.
  2.  A place to put mail that needs to go to the post office.
  3.  A place to hang a backpack and my larger tote when needed.
  4.  More places to hang keys.
  5.   Something to inspire my family.
  6.  Something beautiful.
  7. A place to jot down needed grocery items by other family members.

And I am sure I will think of more needs or wants throughout the day.

Simple Daily Challenge: Pick a spot in the family room and dream a little.

Dream about how you want one place in the room to look, feel and work for you and your family. Take a photo of your before spot if you would like a visual memory.

Now what do you have on hand that good spruce this area up?
What could you donate or give away to create free space?

Tomorrow we take action!



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