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40 Day Clutter Challenge You Are Loved

Are you ready to declutter and renew your home this spring? 40 days of clutter challenges and wonderful ways to rediscover how to love what you have and make it wonderful! Begin Your Journey To Peace, You are loved.


Welcome to the 40 Day Clutter Challenge! You are loved!

For the next 40 days, we are going to be on a decluttering journey. For many folks in the Christian world observing Lent you will find out why decluttering during this season of the Church is so beneficial.    My childhood has flecks of memories that involved tuna fish pizza, tuna casserole, tuna surprise and if we were really good some kind of canned salmon recipe that involved Bisquick and Campell’s Cream of Something Soup.  We abstained from meat but ate processed jibber jabber, that was the life of a military brat Catholic in the early seventies, at least that is what I thought as a young girl. But honestly abstaining from meat was not a real change.  So I thought why not do something different and create real change during these 40 days.

40 Day Clutter Challenge You Are Loved

Why on earth are we talking about Catholic stuff? I thought we were here to declutter?

Why yes we are here to declutter. However, I need to take a moment to share the reason I chose 40 days for this journey.

Most bloggers and clutter personalities on the web start their de-cluttering the first month or so in the new year. I begin at Lent. You really have a different viewpoint if you observe Lent on what is necessary and what is not. So much is not. When you live with just as much as you need it frees up your thinking and time to serve others and this includes your immediate family.

I am not here to try and sell you the latest mom-Bible or book of the week.  I might encourage you to buy a crockpot… because they are a timesaver, but your individual faith journey is your choice.  Many long clutter challenges take 30 days to complete, I figure the extra 10 days will give busy mom a little extra time to get things done. 40 Days!  After all, we have to factor in school, sports, doctor appointments, and trying to get supper on the table!

This 40 Day Clutter Challenge is designed to be simple and accessible to busy moms. It contains encouragement and understanding with moments that allow you time to realize that what you already have in this life is amazing!

For the next 40 days, we will enjoy the following goals.

  1. A bit of inspiration, either with photos, encouraging quotes or a  blend of both.
  2. A clutter-busting challenge.  Just a simple 20 minutes or less task to get rid of clutter so that we can have more peace.
  3. A question, either to ask ourselves, journal about or share in the comments or on our Facebook page to encourage others.
  4. We will then read a teaser for the next task. These tasks will be in posts two to three times per week.
  5. Each day ou ur goal is to create a more peaceful home and to rid ourselves of clutter that we do not love or need with a goal of 12 items per day.

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Let’s Begin This Clutter Challenge

Start where you are.  Wherever you are when you are reading this blog post, your desk, a comfy chair, the kitchen table or other zones in your home or office take 20 minutes or less and go on a clutter hunt.  Your goal is to tidy as you go and rid yourself of 12 items that your no longer need, do not bring you happiness or just do not fit with the life you are living now.  Remember, you will save time and energy with you have less stuff.

I will not bore you with an epic-sized commentary on what to keep and what to toss, you know in your heart that you do not need candy wrappers, soda cans, keys that fit long-forgotten locks, business cards from your first job, 35 coffee mugs from your old college dorm, 27 ketchup packs from the local burger joint just in case there is a shortage…. you get where I am going. You can find 12 items either at your desk or in your kitchen or living room without too much fuss.

Comfy Chair to Read 40 day clutter challenges

40 Day Clutter Challenge You Are Loved

QUESTION:  When was the last time you took a good look at your surroundings?  Do you avoid looking?  Do you feel like you will not be loved as much if folks knew you were not the neatest housekeeper in the world?

Well, you are loved here.  This is day one of the journey and we are here to help.  You can do 12 items today or you can just do 1, the point is you are making an effort of change and change is a process and does not come instantly.

TEASER- Next challenge, we dive into the kitchen.  The hub of the home.

[bctt tweet=”“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ― Mother Teresa”]

Be kind to yourself today,



Here is a list of all posted challenges so far. On days off you choose what you would like to declutter!


40 Day Clutter Challenge You Are Loved Are you ready to declutter and renew your home this spring? 40 days of clutter challenges and wonderful ways to rediscover how to love what you have and make it wonderful!

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