Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 1

We are working in the living areas and entry way today.  Our simple busy mom goals are to make these areas shinier and tidier during the next few days.

First Step

Our first step is to clear out the clutter and trash. So grab your trusty trash bag and a box or basket for stray items and for 5 -15 minutes put away as much as you can. Throw the trash out and gather up strays. When the your chosen time allotment is finished  see how quickly you can put away the stray items.

*Tip: If the stray items have no delegated home hold off a couple of days. You may find more like items and it will be easier to create a spot for them later if you have them all together.

If you have more than one family room you can easily divide it up into a couple of time segments or enlist a family member to help you.  And no worries if it is not perfect, Penelope Perfect has no business in our fun or in our homes.

Just the Facts Momma:

Throw away trash and put away as much as you can in the Entryway and Family Rooms in 5 to 15 minutes today.


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  1. this is my biggest challenge….what to do with all the “stuff”!

    1. I know it is amazing how much stuff there is, lol.
      Thankfully, my youngest has just outgrown many, many games and I have a huge donation corner that I have to monitor until the end of the week. I am pretty sure he is going to be a tiny bit miffed at the donation of Chutes and Ladders. But I already put Candy Land in the attic for future grandchildren and I think one or two for memories is plenty.

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