Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Books and Magazines


Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge Books and Magazines


I love books. I love the page turning and the way the paper smells. These things remind me of my childhood and my favorite place in the world, the library. I tend to collect cookbooks as if they will stop producing them and they have really taken over a major part of my bookcase.


With the dawn of electronic reading tools we now can have 200 cookbooks and it only takes up a tiny little sliver of space. But there is nothing like thumbing through an old cookbook.

But the fact of the matter is I simply do not have the space or the time to thumb through so many cookbooks. And the eating style we had in our youth using processed food is no longer as attractive as it one was. We know now, that cooking from scratch like a Grandmother and Great-grandmother did is much more healthy.


And then we have children’s books. I guess for me, I feel the more I buy the more my little guy will read. But honestly, he has outgrown so many of them.



Let’s Get To It!

Take 5 minutes and go through your books and magazines and figure out which ones you can donate to some other book lover. They will be blessed and you will have more space to add newer books that are more geared toward you current lifestyle and your children’s reading level.


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