Momma’s Weekly Plan – Loving This Week Already!

weekly plan for moms

I love the excitement of a brand new week, it is so full of possibilities!

Organize – I have a confession to make this morning. I have not finished organizing my pantry. I have a skinny deep pantry and am having a worrisome time trying to figure it all out.

Cook- I fully intend to cook every single meal this week. Tonight we are having turkey breast ( cooked in an awesome pressure cooker), mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, green peas and berries and sliced bananas to finish off the meal!

Clean – I am focussing on my office all week. It is a major pain to keep straight and I spend so much time in here, that it would just make me happier if it were a bit tidier and shinier.

Dream – We are just finishing up reworking our yard, so DH and I are dreaming up finishes touches. Pictures will be posted soon! I am searching today to get a few idea for our small vegetable patch. I am silly, super, excited about that little patch of garden.

Favorite Organizing Find of the Week!

We have three similar in our cupboard but these are a heavier gauge of metal.

I just love an organized shelf. (especially, when it can stay organized even with handy kitchen helpers putting away dishes)

What is your plan for the week? Would love to hear about in the comments.

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