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Wipeout Wednesday

Wipe Out Wednesday Counters and Tables


There is nothing like the aftermath of large family meals and even though I have tidied the kitchen and battled the turkey roasting pan until it squeaks the kitchen still does not seem to have that glow that it had a few days ago. So I am happy that it is wipe-out Wednesday because I am going to do just that.

Simple Daily Challenge:

  1. Start off with a 5-minute clutter busting in the kitchen. Put away stuff, unload and reload the dishwasher. You will be totally surprised when you turn on your favorite music  and set the timer for 5 minutes and just get to tidying. Time flies when you are not multi-tasking but just doing one simple thing. And it is doable to give the children something to do occupy their hands and minds for 5 minutes  well, at least sometimes.
  2. Next: Wipe down the counters and tables and any other flat surface that held food in the past few days.

You should see a pretty nice change and this entire challenge should not take more than 15 minutes, 10 if you are super, super fast. And you will be a super-mom because as long as you use safe cleansers it will be okey dokey for your little ones to drop their apple chunks on the table and pick then back up to drop them again and then maybe eat a couple of pieces. And isn’t that what it is all about, cleaning enough that our children can enjoy a good meal, be it on the table, the plate, or perhaps balanced on their noses?

Happy Wipeout Wednesday!

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  1. You know, ever since I started reading your blog, I realized that cleaning doesn’t actually take long especially when you try to get a lot done under 5-10 minutes. This is a lovely post, thank you. (I will now be making my bed at lightning speed.)

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