Take 5 – Exercise Your Green Thumb


There is nothing more satisfying than keeping an honest to goodness real-live plant alive and happy some place in your home.  If you happen to feel like your were not blessed with a green thumb, then think again. Some plants are difficult to kill off and most plants can be replaced at the local nursery without too much trouble.

I have a three plants in the kitchen window. Mint, Basil and a green foliage of some sort that my son is required to ‘keep alive’ for Second grade.

This plant, respectfully named Herbert is watered too much, has practically no sunlight and is sometimes read countless chapters of Captain Underpants on rainy days.  If that plant is still alive and kicking then anyone on this earth can keep a household plant alive, in my humble momma opinion.

So give it a thought moms, buy a tiny plant and encourage the children to give it water twice a week and a bit of sunlight.  Name the plant Arthur or Millie Sue and have your children read stories and spin tales of adventure to encourage growth.  I am not sure if reading to your plants makes them happy, but it sure is fun to watch.


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