Make Your Monday Rock! _ Groove and Move

Vacuum Repair Man
Vacuum repairmen should always be this cute!

Today’s daily challenge is super simple and super necessary especially if you have young children in the house.

Work at home and stay at home moms and dads can often feel overwhelmed with just keeping up the day to day meals and things.

Vacuuming the house can seem like the “impossible dream”.  But it does not have to be with one or two groovy tunes and a momma or daddy ready and willing  to move and grove.

Why groove while doing a household task?  Thats easy, your kids will totally enjoy watching you be so silly and you will burn of a couple of calories and tidy up the floors and rugs a bit.

The object of the game is not to spend the next three hours making up for all those days we did not manage to vacuum.

It is just to spend three to five minutes vacuuming so that we can move forward!  Thats it…

1. Turn on your groovy tune.

2. Turn it up louder bit by bit no to frighten very young  children.

3. Turn on you faithful and lonely friend Mr. Vacuum.

4. Move and Grove in one or two rooms.

5. Put the vacuum away. (if you leave it out you will see it and feel guilty about not vacuuming the whole house!)

6. Yeah!  You Rock!

peace and popcorn,


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  2. Love it! but did not scare my kids today when I vacuumed. Guess I needed to turn up the volume louder!

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