Three Simple Tasks with a Mother’s Day Time Out

We are a hop and a skip and a tiny leap to Mother’s Day! It is a day when I like to look back on many years of fears and tears, joy and a whole bunch of laughter.

The biggest change in my life coming down the mommy memory lane is my oldest son moving out and testing his flying wings. I could go all sappy and sit here and cry, but I already have done that for several days so I am taking a break and just enjoying a few happy memories by looking at our Memory Jar.

I have a memory jar for each boy and will share a photo of one this week.

Now on to the show!

Three Simple Tasks:


  1. Empty all the trash cans. Zip around with a big old Hefty Bag, I like the black ones because you cannot see through them and anything gross is hidden from my sensitive mommy eyes. Overflowing trashcans increase clutter, I am sure there is a scientific study on this someplace in the Google Universe.
  2. Make Your Bed: I am sure everyone makes there bed every single morning, but just in case, please make it today.  Who knows?  You may get a moment to sneak away and lay on that bed and read a few pages or your current  “ Mommy Time Novel of the Week”.
  3. Mother’s Day Time Out:  Take a peek at your calendar and find an empty slot someplace in there for this weekend.  Pencil in at least 10 minutes of mommy-time to do a little self-pampering, meditation, prayer time or reflection.  You totally deserve this time and so do I, by golly.


Have a rocking day moms!

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