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Spinning Plates, Red Bull and Coffee


NOTE:  I am reposting this blog post because I have been working like a mad woman in my office in the past few days. Here is why….

My oldest son is trying out his flying wings and moving out on his own at the end of this month and as I posted on Facebook I am dealing with this by organizing everything in sight and getting rid of any clutter in my office  that has the slight possibility of holding me down from where I want to be by June 1. I know I will not finish everything, but it is truly helping me cope with the first step of life without seeing my son every morning. He and I have been through many years together and I am very proud of him. Now, I need to sign off before I start boo-hooing again.  Will post pictures of my finished office as soon as I am mostly finished.

My Son and I - My Favorite Picture of Us Together


P.S. I still have my little guy! Thank the Lord.


At the top is my office, it is not Penelope Perfect because…. Guess what?  I am a real person.  I am a real momma.  I have a job, a home, two sons, a dog and a husband that puts up with the whole lot of us worts and all.  When I add one major project to my schedule the house is usually the only plate left out of the  million spinning plates that I spin.

Well I finally finished my last big project before the start of summer  break and my poor office is a danger zone.  I could play the blame card.  My office tends to be the dumping ground of any bag, item, toy, golf ball or odd piece of furniture that does not have a specific place to go in the house.

I really want to play the blame card on my husband and the dog.  I so want to…. but the truth as I see it is that if momma buys school supplies, exercise balls, and allows Little Guy to purchase toys with his allowance, then it really is my responsibility to make sure all of these things have a place to go when they are not being used.

So I am humbly showing the World Wide Web my big fat mess and will dutifully organize, clutter bust and find a home for all of those things that make my momma office messy.  Messy clutter can suck the energy right out of a  six-pack of Red Bull and I can not have that kind of energy sucking going on around here if I am going to be able to have everything nice and tidy before school break starts.

So here I go….. someone please pass a trash bag, a cup of coffee. some velcro strips, and my labeler.  I am on a momma mission.

Simple Daily Challenge: Is there a project you have been putting off that you would like to tackle?  Spend 10 minutes whittling that sucker down.  After all mommas are busy folks and 10 minutes 6 days a week make one solid hour in that week.  We can do anything with 10 minutes and  cup of coffee. ( ice water is better for you, just so you know)

Pinky Promise: The next time you see my office, it may not be perfect, but at least it won’t scare anybody off.

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  1. Kudos for showing your big, fat mess (which is NOTHING compared to my closets that I showed everyone not too long ago. That was shameful.)! Honesty rocks. I’d rather hang out in a home that looks like yours than one where you’re afraid to sit on the couch or step on the perfectly vacuumed rug. You sound like a terrific mom. 🙂

  2. Wow, I can relate but I had to take a moment to comment and say….YOU LOOK GREAT. I showed my daughter and said this looks like a picture of a teenage boy and his girlfriend not his mom. 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks, the pic is two years old but I must confess without hair dye, I would be mostly gray. lol

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