The Christmas Cards To Send Or Not To Send

Well, honestly the debate on whether to break out a book of stamps and send everyone you know a card with a snowman, blue snowflake or a palm tree with a strand lights is not old news. I personally prefer the real ones with the little baby, but am not opposed to Hanukkah or any other faiths special feast day. But the fact is people are busy, and money is tight this year.

People are overwhelmed enough at this time of year and the idea of sending out 50 Christmas card or heavens 200 Holiday Letters seems like a whole pot of crazy.

So this year I am simply not sending the cards.

I use to spend countless hours scrapbooking vintage cards and then pasting on the inside a photo collage of that years best photos. Yep, maybe that is why I have Christmas Card or Holiday Card burnout.
But, it just seems odd to me to send a card to someone that I have not spoken with in 15 years.  Cousins who I have not actually met send cards? Why? Shoot me a line on Facebook for heaven’s sake, everyone else does.  Or send an email card, they seem to be all the rage. But I will be honest with you.
I am a work at home mom with equates to I receive between 100 to 300 emails per day sometimes more. I also have a veteran stay at home mom friend who receives near 100 emails per day, but I think she may be a little addicted to recipe websites so I am not counting her as a perfect example.
So to wrap this up, this year I am letting go of the Christmas Card frenzy and using that time to watch old Christmas Films with my little guy.

And I am having the best time.


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  1. Good for you! Christmas is not about the cards anyways and honestly if I haven’t talk to you in years and you send me a card, I usually toss it. Save yourself the money and the stress!

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