7 Days of Christmas Crazy -Decorating When to Stop

7 Days of Christmas Crazy -Decorating When to Stop

I am an Obsessive Christmas Decorator. I can remember a couple of years back tying ribbons on boughs of greenery 15 minutes before guests were due to arrive for Christmas Eve Dinner. The silly part was, I was not dressed, my teeth not brushed and had not worn make-up in six days.

In other words I was a  Christmas Mess. 

This year I am putting a stop to my personal insanity and giving myself a new yearly deadline. No matter how the earth is spinning, no matter what pretty picture I see on Pinterest or in a magazine. On the first Sunday a week before Christmas I am stopping. This year that is December 17, 2015.

No more tinsel

Not one more bow

No more lights or

spray on snow.

No more  trees or 

elves dressed  in green.

No more stockings and 

not one more wreath.

I will be finished.

So my thoughts for today and a little momma challenge.

Gather up those bows and doodads and decide what must be done and what you can let go for decorating your home for the holidays.

Finished it up, put away the boxes, and then maybe hang out with the family bit.


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