Three Simple Tasks

It seems like busy is the word of the day for many, many days after the holidays. When I walk through the house I see random ornaments scattered in the oddest places. When I opened the utility closet I found a Christmas basket stuffed with those holiday poppers and heaven knows I have no recollection of putting  it there in the first place. Overall, I have this feeling of several loose ends that need to be tied up and put away some place. Some place far, far, away so that I can have a little momma peace.

Do you have loose ends that need to be tied up? Well, lucky you in our three simple tasks today we get the opportunity to start working on those loose ends. And you know in your heart once you take that tiny, tiny step and then another tiny, tiny step eventually those nagging loose ends will be tied.

Three Simple Tasks are for helping moms get organized so that they can get more things done.


  1. We are behind a bit on the kitchen challenges due to my taking a blog day off to stop this ridiculous SOPA.  So our first simple tasks is to clean the microwave inside and out.  I use a warm damp towel, it is environmentally safe and I don’t waste one single paper towel.  Careful not to make it so warm it burns your hands, wear rubber gloves for protection.  Then I shine the outside with a  bit of vinegar and a microfiber towel.
  2. Grab your trusty notebook, planner, or paper pad and write down 5 loose ends that are bugging you right this minute in a list format skipping a couple of lines for each to make room a a good, honest, complete sentence. When you are finished the list proceed to write down the very next tiny step that needs to be done to tie up those loose ends. The loose ends we tie up are basically just projects.

example: I need to gather up those random ornaments.  Ornaments: Gather ornaments and put in a small sack or box.

Well, this should not take too long, Right?

3. Take 5 minutes and tidy your work station, desk, or wherever you do your planning. You days will be much more productive, in my experience, with      a tidy desk.  Mine is awful, it explodes with clutter everyday.  I am desperately trying to find a better way, but right now I just need a little space to work.

Have a Rocking Kind of Momma Day!

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  1. Great tips. These little steps add up. After many years at home with my kids, I am just now really getting into a smooth routine. Wish I had had bloggers around when my kids were little!

  2. I’m going to have to fight the kids to take the lighted garland out of the playroom. Best to do when they’re sleeping… I THINK that’s my last lingering decoration.

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