The Case of the Five Mile Laundry Pile.

laundry pins

A funny thing happened this morning. I opened my sock drawer and all I found was a pair of hiking socks.  So I opted for sandals and went to get Johnny up and ready for school.  I pick out the clothes in the Thursday slot and found out the shorts where size 6!  That was last year’s shorts and Johnny is wearing Kid Gap size 10 these days.  There was nothing more to be found.  I knew I need to catch up on laundry.  However, I had no idea just how much.

I had an extremely busy weekend and never quite made it to the big pile of laundry.

So needless to the laundry pile has grown until it could probably sustain living life.  I gathered it all downstairs to the laundry room.  And in my most shameful mommy whining voice  exclaimed: “My God, this must be at least 5 miles high!   I never get any help around here.  Why is it MY job to do all the laundry?  I don’t even like laundry!”  * Deep Breath*

So, I did what any WAHM, SAHM, volunteering, organic loving, coffee drinking mom would do in this situation.  I dove into that big pile until I found only the pieces I had to have in the next two days.  Shorts and shirts for Johnny and yoga pants for me.  My hubby can just turn his underwear inside out for all I care.  He knows how to work the machines.  If he wants clean clothes his golf-playing butt can come down here and wash some. ( wait, is this a rant?)

But, the Five Mile Pile has not miraculously disappeared. Its still there laughing at me.

So my good friends.  The only answer I have to this is as follows:

Bums and Elbows,
wash, wash, wash
Bums and Elbows,
dry, dry, dry
Bums and Elbows,
fold, fold, fold
Bums and Elbows
one more time….

In other words, my challenge for today is to tackle the laundry pile.  But, I am not going to get crazy and make promises that it will never grow again.

Have a rocking day!


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